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What our users are saying:

  • “It is through using the Business Plan Pro from Palo Alto that I have been able to clearly track how my business has been going and where it continues to go. Every year I sit down and update my business plan for the next year. This has kept me on track so that my business is now a viable full time business. The software gave me the flexibility to add in my different areas of work ad to track monthly how I am going. It has helped me be successful.”

    David Donahoo, Doncaster, Victoria
  • “Last week I submitted a plan for a client using Business Plan to a bank ( St George Bank in Sydney). The feedback to the client was that it was the best business plan which has been submitted to this bank for years. Thank you!”

    Tom Guth, Sydney
  • “Thank you so much for this opportunity which is giving me great assistance in getting a business up and started.”

    Sandra Vannoordt, Bundaberg, Queensland
  • “I achieved more within 10 minutes of using the Business Plan Pro software, than I had in 2 months of working through the various tools that I had downloaded or been provided by the banks.”

    Darren Stillyards
  • “Use this software and kick butt!”

    Guy Kawasaki
  • “One of the best business planning tools.”

    business week
  • “Produces a finished product you can hand to bankers”

  • “A great example of an out-of-box solution that is user-friendly and produces a formatted final product you can circulate among potential investors.”

  • “Business Plan Pro helps you create polished, professional business plans backed up by solid financials you can take to the bank. This tried-and-true software helps you prepare a polished, written business plan.”

    pc world
  • “Superb program that is a must for anyone serious about making their business a success.”

    the sun
  • “An easy way to get started.”

    can money